Twister™ TXP Red

Twister™ TXP Red 400 Grit

Blended natural and synthetic fibers, to be used on heavily worn natural stone or concrete floors. Effective for stripping, stain, and etch repair and light honing.

Twister™ TXP Red enables stripping of floor finishes, stain and etch repair and even light honing of different flooring surfaces. This revolutionary pad will perform exceptionally fast and efficient when stripping and restoring.

The TXP is a problem solver for natural stone or concrete floors that have been etched or stained. With just water, everything can be accomplished without using harmful chemicals.

On coated or finished floors, TXP can be used to deep scrub or strip the floors prior to re-coating. Lifespan in these applications is 100,000 up to 500,000 square feet. On stone or concrete floors, TXP can be used for stain and etch repair, light honing and floor preparation.